Lamjung Campus

Lamjung Campus

Lamjung Campus is situated at Sundar bazar in Lamjung District which lies in the Gandaki province of Nepal. Lamjung is profusion of natural resources and is known as the home town of Gurung Community. Lamjung Campus was established in 2032 B.S and now offers the B.Sc. Agriculture program under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University (TU).

Since Lamjung is developed district, it is well facilitated with multiple infrastructures like communications, internet, electricity along with educational institutions. Locating at this district, Lamjung campus has succeed to provide the higher-level education to the students.

Lamjung Campus has been successfully running B.Sc. Agriculture program with the main aim to pass the strong knowledge regarding agriculture. Accepting the fact that agriculture is the main occupation in Nepal, Lamjung Campus missions to provide the impactful message encouraging the youths to contribute in the agricultural sector of the nation. Besides these, this college has been able to become the best college and has set a good example for colleges in terms of result among 60 TU Colleges.

Lamjung Campus is one of the renowned colleges for agriculture that aims to provide quality education to increase the income source of farmers and to produce the capable human resource required for the development of agriculture sector of the country. It facilitates students with the opportunity to get involved in the practical learning practices and research programs.

`Along with academic excellence, Lamjung Campus also motivates students in other extra activities like musical programs and other impactful educational programs required to refresh and boost up the student’s energy level.

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