Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology (HICAST)


Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology (HICAST) is the premier private agricultural college of Nepal, situated in the capital city. It was established in 2000 to respond to the need for specialized human resources in agricultural and veterinary sciences. The college actively contributes to the attainment of sustainable livelihoods and development of the nation by producing theoretical and practical education and engaging in research that creates a positive impact on the industry and the people of Nepal.

HICAST’s faculty members are highly qualified with national and international experience. The college uses interactive and practical learning approaches to give students a balanced education that will benefit them throughout their careers. Since its launch, the college has produced more than 500 graduates, and many have pursued further education at the master’s and PhD levels. Graduates can be found in government sectors as well as in various I/NGOs in Nepal and abroad.

The vision of HICAST is to  contribute in strengthening national agricultural sector and development systems with novelties. It can be done by producing the well trained human resources needed to create self employments, manage agricultural production systems, lead national/international government and non-governmental development institutions and do research and training in the field of agriculture and allied sciences and technology.

The Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST) was established with a mission of contributing to attainment of prosperous yet sustainable  livelihood and sustainable development of the nation by producing academically sound and practically competent scholars, professional agriculturist, veterinarians and technologists able to promote academics, participatory research and attain development goals as well as motivated  enough to bring the positive  changes in the society where they dwell.

  • To provide higher education and special training courses in the field of agricultural sciences and technology as per need of the nation;
  • To produce academically sound and practically competent scholars, professional agriculturist, veterinary doctors, technologists and management leaders able to alter challenges into opportunities moving along the contemporary time and  working in close association with the communities concerned;
  • To develop the college into a center of academic excellence in the field of agricultural sciences and technology toward attainment and promotion of social justice, sustainable livelihood and mutual respects  in different sectors of  Nepalese society;
  • To develop curriculum, research and development agendas and technical human resources in relevant fields as per need of the nation and time;
  • To develop linkages with the national and international institutions and conduct collaborative and participatory research, workshops and seminars in order to generate knowledge out of local, regional, national and international innovations and catalyze the process of mutual sharing for socio-economic transformations in relevant fields;
  • To publish and disseminate knowledge and experience gained by HICAST as an organization itself, it’s  students and faculties and other national/international scholars and professionals with useful literature in various subjects from the perspectives of farming communities, students, academics and development workers.

Source : http://www.hicast.edu.np/pages/about-us