About Us

Krishi Master Nepal is a digital platform that supports any individual or organisation who have interest or are involved in the agricultural sector. KMN is not only limited to students and/or farmers but also connects entrepreneurs, companies, groups, clubs, organisations, forums, websites, pages, medias, databases, institutions etc. The versatility of KMN is its specialty. It aims to provide a common hub as a learning center, an advertising window, news portal, online entrance exam preparation room and publication of articles.

our Team

Achyut N Baral

Achyut N Baral

Project Head

Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary

Project Manager


Ashok Adhikari

Project Coordinator

Sujan Subedi

Sujan Subedi

Public Relation Manager

Our Experts

Dinesh Bhatta

Agri Ecology Expert

Sandeep Chapagain

Agronomy Expert

Beena Parajuli

Horticulture Expert

Udit Prakash Sigdel

Extension Expert


Extension of technologies and support farmers

We try to share the information about different kinds of innovations and technologies related to agriculture essential for farmers. We also try to know about the farmer’s problem, queries, feedback and suggestions so that we can help them in a better way as per their necessity. We especially help poor and marginal farmers to get updated about modern technologies and upgrade themselves towards adapting to a sustainable agriculture system.  Through KMN, We could support farmers by providing technical information in easy and understandable form so that they could instantly apply their farm activities. We ensure to provide correct and clear information to avoid any confusion or ambiguity.

Interconnect stakeholders

Every actor in the agricultural market, educational institutions, experts, producers, consumers, researchers, students, enterprises, NGOs, INGOs, exporters, importers, government agencies etc. will try to link with each other so that we could remove the existing gap of agricultural development. KMN will always try to interlink every concerned stakeholders of the agriculture sector around the globe and will not limit within Nepal. Mainly KMN will effectively help to interlink the producing farmers, research and/or educational institutions, enterprises and consumers. KMN ensures to provide an active platform helping both producers and consumers reduce the unnecessary large number of middlemen existing in the physical market increasing income of everyone. KMN could create a good bond between research, education and the extension part of agriculture.

Create digital learning hub

It will be a digital platform from which anyone can learn about the agriculture subject by staying at any place or time. We try to provide reliable learning materials like academic notes, books, research articles, databases, presentations etc. ranging from Secondary level to postgraduate level of agricultural universities like Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) and IAAS, Tribhuvan University. It will help agriculture students and scholars to get abundant reading materials as per their need without wasting their time wandering to vague internet and institutions. We also welcome anyone who wants to contribute the admissible content to our website. Moreover, we create better digital platforms for any aspirants who want to crack the tough entrance exams related to agriculture field from high school level to postgraduate level.

Marketing and selling of agro-commodities

KMN provides a common ground for every producer, farmers, agro-entrepreneurs, companies to advertise, promote and sell their valuable products directly to the consumers. At the current, we simply help our clients to advertise and promote their products at affordable prices. We act as a digital advertising agency at present. Likewise, Consumers can directly contact us or producers or companies or entrepreneurs to get their demanded commodities. Later on, we will extend our service towards, online mass order, home delivery system, courier services etc. as per growth of the platform.

Update significant agri-news

We will try to update the readers about significant agriculture related news happening around the globe. Likewise, we will also accept whoever wants to contribute their agri-news content to our platform. Mentioned Agri-News can help every reader to act accordingly in their place in a better way. Possible uncertainty and risks can also be easily prevented or reduce the losses by concerned ones. 

Publish online articles, blogs, vlogs

Any individual or groups or organisations or any other visitors who want to share their ideas, views and information to the whole world can utilize this place in a convenient and reliable manner. Only acceptable, correct and significant materials will be allowed to publish. Authors can publish their materials in the form of Blogs, Articles, Video blogs, Pictures, Cartoons, movies etc. which should give some beneficial messages related to agriculture. With the growth of the platform we will also bring provision of paying fee to our authors later on. Please always remember that practice of plagiarism is strictly prohibited and authors themselves have to be responsible for any such kind of legal issues. Only original articles (Not published in any other platforms or places) will be accepted.



KMN aims to integrate producer farmers, entrepreneurs, students, experts, researchers, governmental and nongovernmental agencies, companies and public consumers contributing to establish a sustainable agriculture system creating a peaceful, prosperous nation and whole world.


Krishi Master Nepal works for the people, by the people and of the people. It works to find, select and solve the problems of agriculturists. KMN just brings a common place to all so that they can teach and learn by themselves. KMN focuses to support agriculturists by bringing an easy and reliable platform to perform their activities. Beginning as a simple and small platform, KMN dreams to reach a significant level of beneficiaries within a few years. It hopes to be a one of the renowned and successful digital franchises of the world in the upcoming future which will not only limit its wings to the digital world but also step forward in physical business simultaneously both in agriculture and non-agriculture.



The main strategy of KMN is to connect every part of the agriculture system as a component of a whole system in a systematic way. KMN first provide services, try to solve problems of needy agriculturists, provide happiness to them and then only think about their own benefits. At the beginning, KMN team will try to reach more and more people as much as possible and create its presence. It will actively hold the social responsibility to support needy ones. It will simultaneously do business with interested ones. KMN will try to maintain transparency, accountability and reliability in all information and agreements. It will try to include every aspect of agriculture and create an integrated set-up so that it could be used as a versatile platform to utilize it for different purposes as per required by everyone. It will try to create a web from grass root level farmers to top level administrative authorities. The wide gap between research, education and extension of agriculture will try to be reduced by KMN.