Nepal: Agriculture A Solution to Cope COVID-19 Pandemic

The whole world have been effected by COVID-19 pandemic. People are forced to stay inside their home leaving their work stations. Corona virus infection being highly contagious have become global threat creating huge loss of human life, poverty, hunger and economic crisis. According to WHO COVID-19 update, more than 20 million people are already infected among which more than 20 million people are already infected among which more than 0.7 million people have already died till date. The most effected country at current is USA followed by Europe and South-East Asia continent in 2nd and 3rd position. The trend of COVID-19 is still increasing.

Source: SciDevNet, 2020

Although Russian authority claims to officially launch first ever made effective vaccine against Coronavirus, other countries’ researchers still doubt about Russian research result. They are arguing about the lack of transparency of research result and effectiveness of vaccine.

In presence of pandemic situation, people are not only dying of corona infection but they are also dying due to hunger, mental stress, lack of job, poverty, increased crime and violence. The UK government have already realized suffering from economic crisis by their country due to this pandemic. Nepal being a poor underutilized country is even more prone to get effected from famine, poverty and pandemic losses. Present situation have cleared that we could not live a sustainable and healthy life until we become self-sufficient and reliant of our own. The best option for this is ‘Sustainable Agriculture’. for encouragement of returned foreign employed Nepalese youths, Government of Nepal have brought new provision of Land Bank ‘भुमि बैंक’. Through this policy, any Nepali landholder can deposit their land property in a bank and someone who is interested to do agriculture can burrow land paying charge to bank legally and conveniently.

Moreover, promoting and utilizing local cultivars, indigenous crops, using marginal and barren lands integrating with modern technologies can help to ensure food security coping pandemic as well climate change situation. Local farmers’ product should be taken care of by related local stakeholders so that not even a single farmer have to any kind of agriculture holiday or destroy the crops or commit suicide. For this, Co-operative marketing could be a better way to increase income of farmer reducing unnecessary middlemen in market.


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